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Coaching and Classes

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Call today to schedule a private coaching session with Cat. Sessions are available over the phone anytime, or in person when Cat is in town and along her tour routes. 

Coaching is available in packages or as needed. Every coaching package is fully customized and created unique to your needs and desires, to help you find your best path to your greatest prosperity with easy-to-follow and clearly laid our action steps for you to take.

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Events an Workshops

Events and Workshops

Cat RunningElk speaks and teaches workshops all across the country on Prosperity, Passion and Connection. Insightful, entertaining and inspiring, Cat helps her audiences to release their limited thinking and negative beliefs so they can be free to prosper. Get in touch with your own internal guidance system, and learn how to manifest from an empowered place with Cat's insightful and engaging workshops. Cat's success coaching will help you to remove your blocks and give you the tools to take the first steps closer to your success.

Call now to schedule Cat to teach at your next event!


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