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 "During my seventeen years in ministry so far, I have scheduled many workshop presenters.  I can say without making it an overstatement that Cat was the most professional of all of them and was the most adept at captivating the audience.  Her presentation on past lives was the best we have heard in a long time."

- Michael Jamison, Senior Minister

Unity Church of Christianity


“There is something about Cat that can’t be pinned down by words, something of a beautiful nature.  Her presence has an effect on everybody she meets…Those who have studied under Cat truly took the next step towards claiming their God-given good and expressing higher levels of their potential.  I could write volumes on the effect Cat had on this spiritual center.  She is a beneficial presence to this earth.”

- Reverend Duke Tufty
  Senior Minister Unity Temple on the Plaza

              "Cat sees in others what they don't yet

                                                       see in


                                               She empowers you."

"Cat believes in you

until you can

believe in yourself."

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Relationship Reading

“Dear Cat RunningElk,
I wanted to let you know that the workshop you taught... has made a profound difference in my life.  The things I wanted the most to create in my life are happening…I’m a different person and I’m becoming who I was always meant to be…Thank you for making a profound difference in my life.”

“Pushing beyond what I would be willing

to do on my own, Cat supported me with her blend of compassion and take-no-nonsense style as I navigated transitions such as career, divorce and significant growth in self awareness and connection with spirit.  Her wisdom inspired me to become the coach I am today and I find myself quoting her in many sessions with my own clients.  I continue to find inspiration in the work she does and seek her counsel on a regular basis to grow ever closer to the ideal life we mapped together over the course of our sessions.”
- Jennifer Lewis
  No Limits Life Coaching, LLC

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"Every class I have had with Cat has been a joy and brought me growth...

Cat has the true gift of helping one discover the secrets that are buried within,

how to bring them to the surface and

let their individual light shine."

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