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Master Coaching

Women with a Vision

In Person in Shawnee, Kansas

Thursdays, April 11 to June 12

Teleclass - Call In From Anywhere
Wednesdays, May 1 - June 19

Are you a woman with a vision?


Do you struggle to follow through on your action plan?


Join other like-minded woman for 10 weeks of Success Coaching with Cat! Share your vision, feel the support around you and get the tools you need so you will take the next step. And the next...and the next!


Cat is gathering 8 Women who are ready to do what is necessary to make their dreams a reality. Make a difference in your world today and sign up for this empowering experience!

Teleclass is 8 Weeks, beginning on May 1st (7 PM CST) via telephone.

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8-week Teleclass

Contact Cat Today
Tel: 863-529-1866
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